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Call for hosts

"Art & Breakfast Day" is a project of art events that combines art scenes and breakfast around the world. The aim of this project is to get people closer to art through intimate personal connections using breakfast as a catalyst. This project promotes the free presentation /expression and communication among artists. 
All venues around the world host the events on the same day you will host one of them. Please make good use of Art & Breakfast Day for your exhibitions, open studios, artist meetings or any art events. Your information will be released to public by Art & Breakfast Website, mail news, Facebook Page and social medias.


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Art & Breakfast Day aims to expand this special communication table to the world and connect art and people in your art scene. This event enables artists and art spaces to enjoy the free and experimental practice, including performances, filming and any presentation inspired from breakfast while enjoying their breakfast.





Please download Entry Form from here and submit via Email

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