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New Delhi​

Sat,2, Sep. 2017


Art &Breakfast _basic Necessities


A communal breakfast where artists come together to
prepare and share food is a way to reminding them of the
space of freedom that is created by art. That they become
conscious of and remember their public role of creating
communities around art. The space they create is far from
harmonious. It is the site of Agon, a contest between ideas
and perspectives. Like food, the space of freedom, and

hence Art, is a bare necessity.


Host:  Hemant Sareen

Venue: Neeti Bagh

 A-17, Second Floor, Neeti Bagh, New Delhi 110049


Tel : 9873687791

hours: 8:30 -12:00 





Invitation only


Capacity: 12 person


Admission free




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