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South Korea

Art & Breakfast Day International Vol.3


Sat. 20. Feb

Art & Breakfast Day_Open Talk

"Art & Breakfast Day _ Open Talk" is expanded artist talk of Seunghee Park’s solo exhibition ‘Motion Study’. After having warm breakfast altogether, Park will present ideas of her work and share several questions under the theme of ‘art & nature’ with the audiences. It will be an open discussion with every



Host: Seunghee Park


Venue: Ulsan Bukgu Art Studio

            2, Jungni 11-gil, Buk-gu, Ulsan, 44262, Korea

            Tel:  +82 (0) 52.289.7540

Open hours: 11:00-14:00

Booking: No need


Capacity: 15


Admission: Free


+82 (0)10.4880.4594

Seunghee Park Solo  Exhibition 

 “Motion Study”

“Motion Study” is Seunghee Park’s 6th solo exhibition showing her painting installation work. She has been making 

paintings under the title of ‘Motion Study’ since 2013 and this exhibition will be another experiment of the body of work.




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