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Art & Breakfast Day International Vol.3

Sat. 20 - Sun.21. Feb. 2016 



Art & Breakfast Day in BIGAKKO

Bigakko is an art school that has opened various art courses for over 45 years in KANDA-JIMBOCHO in Tokyo. The school offers places for various communication and experimental programs with freedom and independence where anyone can enjoy
any kind of arts and music freely. Art & Breakfast Day will be hosted in Bigakko to share free communication with anyone from outside and inside the school. After breakfast, Open School will be offered by one of art programs "Recipe of Art" conducted by the artist Hiroyuki Matsukage.


Venue:Bigakko Main campus in Kanda-JImbocho

    2-20-3F Kanda-Jimbocho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
    Tel:+81 (0)3-3262-2529 

Open hours:11:00-13:00

Booking: No need



* Please bring food you eat




Open School "Recipe of Art" by Hiroyuki Matsukage 


Kitsch Cooking

What is Kitsch Cooking?

One of art courses "Recipe of Art" is opend from 1pm every Saturday conducted by the artist Hiroyuki Matsukage.  After Art & Breakfast Day event, Open Class will be hosted there. Anyone is welcome to  join the class.

Open hours:13:00-17:00



Booking: No need




Art & Breakfast in INAX MUSEUMS, 

Tokoname, Japan


Let’s enjoy having a talk about tiles and towns over breakfast.

We will serve  Japanese -style breakfast  using local foodstuff.


Host: INAX Museums(LIXIL Group)

Support:Youken Ltd.  (Cooking Stoves)


Venue:INAX Museums


1-130 Okueicho, Tokoname, Aichi


Tel:+81 (0)569-34-8282


Open hours:9:00-10:00


Admission: 100 yen


Booking : 


* Please book via e-mail

Subject “ Art & Breakfast” Write your name and contact in the contents.




I love tiles. - Let's walk around Japan and see its lovely tiles! 


"Where is Michiko, do you know?" a mother calls. "I saw her walking past the such-and-such store," a neighbor replies. This kind of exchange was typical of the downtown "shopping street" on which I was raised. Ours was not a corner store, but it had a tearoom in back and a storefront show window displaying confections, cakes, and ice cream with a side counter for selling cigarettes, and it made me the envy of my friends. While exchanging greeting with the adults who patronized our tearoom or whom I frequently met on my excursions, I explored the adjacent district, the district beyond that, and yet the district beyond that, and this was the start of my life. I still love to walk about town, even now. Searching out "town treasures," I capture with my camera the scenery I encounter.

Tiles, among the things I see, are something that call to me, saying, "Look at us." Exquisitely made tiles, which certainly must not have been cheap, convey to me the building owner's proud feelings and make me want to stop and touch them. On seeing a single flower tile that has remained, I will feel moved to imagine the kind of building it once belonged to, and the tile becomes a sort of time machine. It seems curious to me that stores of similar styles with similar kind of tiles are found all over Japan.

This exhibition offers that same fun of walking around, stopping to gaze at that interesting corner cigarettes shop or that fancy beauty salon building, and delighting in seeing building with your own eye.





Installation view "I love tiles. Let's walk around Japan and see its lovely tiles!"




Art & Breakfast Day



Art Lab AICHI is presenting participation type events every Saturday relating to AICHI Triennale 2016.

Art & Breakfast Day_Art Lab Aichi is hosted involved in those events.

Please contact us via email if you like to join.


Host: Art Lab AICHI


Venue: Art Lab AICHI Chojamachi 5F

      2-7-20-5F Nishiki Naka-ku Nagoya 


Open hours: 9:00-11:00

Bokking: Need


Capacity: 5


Admmision : 600 Yen




Tel: 052-961-6633(Only Fri, Sat, Sun and Holiday)



Universities of Arts Cooperation Art Event


"Sky Over Ⅱ"



period :11. Feb -13.March


Venue :Art Lab AICHI  Chojamachi 4F&5F(Thu, Fri and Sat)


Open hours: 11:00 -19:00( Fri 11:00 - 20:00)



Hosts:Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, Nagoya University of Arts、Nagoya Zokei University, Aichi Triennale Executive Committee






Art & Breakfast Day : breakfast of next-door neighbour

Outdoor party of a hot pot with cods, Tofu and Sake. Bring food but you will be served potluck.


Host: two legs


Venue:somehere in Tokyo 

Open hours: 9:00-11:00

* Invitation only





Sun. 21. Feb

Art & Breakfast Day in Tenjin-yama

Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio is a new artist-in-residence studio in Sapporo city. Visiting artists will share activities and experiences over breakfast with visitors who take walk in Tenjin-yama Park in the morning. This event will be hosted every 3rd Sunday.

Midori Mitamura, the founder of Art & Beakfast Day, will join this time in Sapporo.

Host & Venue:Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio + Midori Mitamura


Address:(Inside Tenjin-yama park) 1-80, 2-17 Hiragishi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo,  Postal Code 062-0932


Tel. +81-11-820-2140




Booking :No Need


Capacity 15: 


Admission free. Potluck is welcome.



Programs change depending on artists.


[Current Art Project]


Artist in Residence Program 2016 WINTER

Winter Vacance in Sapporo 2016

Three artists selected for International Artist in Residence Program are working on their projects involved in the theme "Winter, Snow, City". Points of view from artists will lead us to another aspects of winter of Sapporo and our life.


photo ©Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio


Sun 21.Feb

Art & Breakfast Day

Baexong Arts Kyoto

Let's have breakfast in the solo exhibition of 
Yishay Garbas.


Host: Yumi Song
Venue: Baexong Arts Kyoto
27-3 Nakafudanotsujicho, Higashikujo Minami-ku , Kyoto, 601-8026
Tel: 050-5857-8454
Open hours: 11:00-12:00

Booking: No need
Admission: Free
*Please bring someting to eat for you.
Capacity: 8

      Yumi Song mobile:080-5034-1588

*Google Map is untrustable. Please refer the website.


Current Exhibition 

"The long story of the contacts of “the other side"

The artist Yishay Garbas, born in Israel and living in Berlin is showing various "Walls" in a Japanese-style room. They represent Berlin Wall, Korean Wall, Peace Lines in Northern Ireland and West Bank barrier in Israel.  Those  art works was shown in New York in 2015.



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