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Archive  Nov 15-16. 2014

United Kindom


Sat. Nov 15

Area: Edinburgh, Scotland


Eating at the foot of Eduardo Paolozzi 2 story high Vulcan Robot Sculpture



Host: Joanna Black


My photography is mainly confessional in style. For this event, my family and I will be having breakfast at the foot  of Vulcan by Eduardo Paolozzi.

Whilst Eduardo Paolozzi is one of my family’s favourite pop artists, he appears to be somewhat ignored.

I think ignoring this 2 story high robot sculpture of his is rude hence why we are going to have breakfast right at his feet.


Venue: Scottish Gallery of Modern Art Two (Dean Gallery)​

Address: 75 Belford Road, Edinburgh

Open hours: 10 – 11am 


Tel: 0131 624 6273


Fee: No entry admission fee to the venue, but to eat in this café space you need to order and pay for your own food and drink.

Booking: No need

Meeting point: Museum café which is open to the public



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