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Sun 21.Feb

Art & Breakfast Day

Baexong Arts Kyoto

Let's have breakfast in the solo exhibition of 
Yishay Garbas.


Host: Yumi Song
Venue: Baexong Arts Kyoto
27-3 Nakafudanotsujicho, Higashikujo Minami-ku , Kyoto, 601-8026
Tel: 050-5857-8454
Open hours: 11:00-12:00

Booking: No need
Admission: Free
*Please bring someting to eat for you.
Capacity: 8

      Yumi Song mobile:080-5034-1588

*Google Map is untrustable. Please refer the website.


Current Exhibition 

"The long story of the contacts of “the other side"

The artist Yishay Garbas, born in Israel and living in Berlin is showing various "Walls" in a Japanese-style room. They represent Berlin Wall, Korean Wall, Peace Lines in Northern Ireland and West Bank barrier in Israel.  Those  art works was shown in New York in 2015.



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