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Archive  Aug 10. 2014

Art & Breakfast @ Stockholm


host:  raketa & friends

venue:  @ raketa satelit

address:  hornsgatan 58 / stockholm

open hours:  7 - 8 pm

booking:  no need

admission fee:  free




The Song, whatever!  

A model for a public institution of something in collaboration with the public.

A polyphonic pedagogical poem!


There is a visitor.


In times of increasing public spacelessness, powerless politics, underfunded or closed cultural institutions, privatized universities and the commodification of knowledge into locked digital objects, what does it mean to loan a book, to interact with art or to access history? What does it mean to be a visitor, act as an audience, have a voice? What does it even mean to “know” or “learn” something?

There is a voice.

How do we produce this knowledge? How do we extract meaning? How do we share it? The common starting point is the museum, the archive and the library as a place for knowledge exchange and meeting. Everyone's voice. Everyone's story. Contemporary art practice can provide spaces beyond the biennales, can reshape knowledge and empower real change beyond the institutional critique as a genre. Practice in its most basic sense also questions what is meaningful work, what is labor?

A different knowledge.

Agents from different disciplines and geographies work together, exploring, defining and redefining the concept and thoughts on the "Pedagogical Poem". How can artistic processes and methods initiate, create and lead to substantial change, not ornamental or instrumental, but based on their own artistic terms as a way of thinking, understanding and explaining the world again? Art as a language able to articulate new answers to the challenges of the future, outside and beyond the obvious answers, limits and closed circuits: knowledge production on artistic terms.

Do you speak art?

Do you read nature?

Do you see poems?

We cannot rebuild a museum, an archive or a library, but we can create a model of a public space, a workshop or playground, a library of things, we can provide means to produce knowledge. We can write, read, hear manifestos, manuals, methods.



  • There is Something like a free breakfast (food is knowledge)

  • Lectures on Something (thinking together)

  • Learn Something by heart (a song, a poem, a book, a tool)

  • 3D-print Something (a song, a poem, a book, a tool)

  • Make Something happen


The Song, whatever! is an ongoing project led by the swedish artist collective Raketa, open to erasure, decay, re-definition and refinement. This transfer is open, negotiable and self-monitored by each traveller, each visitor, each voice. And as chance becomes part of the process, the poem is an expanded, postponed, delayed and deferred site in which the poem explores its own continuity, its own cliché. The song is surely a user’s manual for a potential life. Remember: the future only lasts a long time if you think you will not be part of it. A polyphonic pedagogical poem happens somewhere else if you allow it.



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