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Archive  Aug 10. 2014

Breakfast Conversation 8/10

Independence and Conflict


Host: Yves Chiu

Venue: The Independent Archive & Resource Centre

Address: 67 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199942

Open hours: 10:00  – 12: 00

Capacity of visitors: 10

Booking: No need

Admission fee:free


★Please bring your own breakfast with you!





This breakfast meeting is based on Yves CHIU’s research and he will invite Jaime HSU, Lee Wen, Alex YANG for the conversation. He tries to combine to Midori’s Art and Breakfast Project and then this meeting will be public in IARC, Singapore. We will talk about the history, performance art and Lee Wen’s practices after 1965 til now(because 1965 Singapore has been independent and Taiwan has been formally constructed to a defense line for Vietnam War by America).


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