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Call for Entries


Art & Breakfast Day Vol.1 Official Launch

Sat. 15 Nov. 2014


You are the host of your Art & Breakfast


Artist Midori Mitamura launches the open studio project "Art & Breakfast Day" that combines art scenes and breakfast around the world.

It is greatly appreciated if you will be involved in this project.

For the Official Launch of this project, Midori Mitamura presents "Art & Breakfast Day Vol.1" on  Nov 15. at Tokyo Metropolitan art center Tokyo Wonder Site.

Linking to this event, you can take place your own Art & Breakfast on the same day at anywhere that relates to art. e.g. Studios, art spaces, art events or exhibitions, including your home, garden, park, or café.

If you take place "Art & Breakfast" at your exhibitions or events, Midori MItamura announces your information together to the public.

Art & Breakfast Day aims to expand this special communication table to the world and get art and people connected in your art scene.


At the pre launch on  Aug 10 of this year, 12 spaces from 6 countries had taken place Art and Breakfast.

Each artist and space enjoyed the free and experimental practice, including performance and film inspired from breakfast, as well as breakfast.


You can see the archive here.




Facebook page






"Art & Breakfast" is an ongoing site-specific art project that Midori Mitamura has been taking place around the world since 2006.

It starts from eating breakfast together with visitors. Mitamura produces whilst staying in an art space. Breakfast Time with visitors causes interpersonal communication and awareness for me and they are transformed into a spatial installation.


Art & Breakfast


For Art & Breakfast Day, you are the host of this project that connects artists, art spaces and visitors around the world. Artists and visitors share breakfast at your art studios, art spaces, art exhibitions and various art scenes.

Meeting and getting to know people at art spaces while sharing breakfast is an intimate experience. While getting in touch with art and artists at breakfast, people experience fresh communication /connections that is different from usual art exhibitions, events or sociable opening parties. Relaxed atmosphere in the space prompts artists to do free and experimental practice at breakfast.

The aim of this project is to get people closer to art through intimate personal connections using breakfast as a catalyst.

This project promotes the free presentation /expression and communication among artists. This is not just a normal exhibition.



If you like to join this project, please download the followimg entry form and read descriptions carefully. Please fill in the entry form and return to   before Oct 20.


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