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What is Art & Breakfast Day?




"Art & Breakfast Day" is a project where everyone shares a place
of art over breakfast, to connect artists, art spaces and visitors around the world through open studios, exhibitions, art events, workshops or any art activities.


Meeting and getting to know people at art spaces over breakfast is an intimate experience.

While getting in touch with art and artists at breakfast, people experience fresh communication /connections that is different from usual art exhibitions, events or opening parties.


The aim of this project is to get people closer to art throug personal connections by using breakfast as a catalyst.

This project promotes the free presentation /expression and communication among artists, which is not just a normal exhibition.


"Art & Breakfast" is an ongoing site-specific art project that Midori Mitamura has been taking place around the world since 2006.

The project begins each morning over breakfast together with visitors in the space.

Breakfast, particularly reflects culture and tradition of the country.

Interpersonal communication  with local visitors gives me important awareness concerning the society, histories and various issues in daily life. Responding to that awareness, everyday a series of improvised small installations  I create  fills out a space, using materials I found around town.


Exhibition View



Art & Breakfast Day は、誰もが開催者となり、世界中のアーティストやアートスペースのオープン・スタジオ、エキシビション、アートイベント、ワークショップなどと連動し、朝食を通してビジターとアートの場を共有するプロジェクトです。




Art & Breakfastは、美術作家・三田村光土里が2006年から世界各地で継続して行なっている滞在制作アートプロジェクトです。





Art & Breakfast Melbourne 2011 Midori Mitamura

"Now is the time to know its heaviness"


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