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Archive  2015


June 5. 2015





Yui INOUE Exhibition "Story of the Clouds"


Port Journey Project Sandiego-Yokohama








Every 3rd Sunday

Art & Breakfast Day _Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio

Host & Venue: Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio

Art & Breakfast Day has been hosted on every 3rd Sunday for communication, presentations and events of residency artists.


Aug 16. Sun




venue: AIchi Children's Center


Host: AIchi Children's Center / Midori Mitamura / AICHI Triennale Oasis project




Pre-Event of AICHI Triennale  2016 Rainbow Caravan



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June 21. 2015. Japan

Art & Breakfast Day_ Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio

May 24. 2015. Germany

Art & Breakfast_ galerie plan.d. Exhibition "Dupont & Materne"

Two young painters from Leipzig, Germany.

The Exhibtion finishes on the 24th.



host & venue: Galerie plan.d.


address: plan.d. produzentengalerie e.V.
dorotheenstr. 59
40235 düsseldorf

tell: 0211 - 73 00 257


opening hours: 12:00-18:00


booking: no need

addmission fee: Free


Please bring something little to eat with you.



May 17. 2015. Japan

Art & Breakfast_Mt. Good Morning Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio

host & venue: Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio

Event Report


address: (Inside Tenjin-yama park) 1-80,

2-17 Hiragishi, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo  062-0932

tell: 011-820-2140


opening hours: 10:00-12:00


booking: no need


capacity: 15

addmission fee: Free


Potluck is welcome.






Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio is a new artist-in-residence studio in Sapporo city.

Staying artists will share activities and experiences over breakfast with visitors who take walk in Tenjin-yama Park in the morning .

This event will be hosted on every 3rd Sunday.



Stephanie Müller

The artist joins the event Mt. Guten Morgen cooperating with Art & Breakfast_Mt. Good Morining on May 17.


Jan 25. 2015. Germany

Art & Breakfast Day in Düsseldorf


art & breakfast _ abwarten_ plan.d


Breakfast during the show “abwarten” of

Katlen Hewel and Regine Strehlow-Lorenz




host: plan.d Produzentengalerie



Venue: Galerie plan.d. Düsseldorf


Address: Dorotheenstrasse 59 40235 Düsseldorf, Gremany


Tel:  0211-7300257 (Galerie) 

        0172-2154565 (Utta Hagen)


Art & Breakfast Open hours: 12.00 -18.00Uhr





Booking: No need


Capacity: 25


Admission: If you can please bring something to eat

and share with the others



Exhibition “abwarten”

Katlen Hewel and Regine Strehlow-Lorenz

at plan.d Galerie


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21.Nov (Sat) 2015



Host:Midori Mitamura


Venue:  HomeBase Project  Artist in residency Studio


The Dormitory of Tougyoku Doll Corporation   3-10-12 Honcho Iwatsuki-ku Saitama-city Saitama, Japan


Breakfast hour:11:00-13:00 First come, first served


fee: 500 Yen

​     ​ ​ ​     ​          


23. Nov (Mon)2015

Art & Breakfast Day_PARAHOTEL (Vacant building of Hotel SHIROIYA )



Host:  Project SHIROIYA 


Venue:PARAHOTEL        2-2-15 Honcho Maebashi city Gunma, Japan


Open hour: 9:00 -11:00


Project SHIROIYA is the exibition at a vacant building of Hotel SHIROIYA that colosed its 300-year-old business.


Art & Breakfast Day PARAHOTEL will be hosted on the last day of the exhibition.


No reserveation











10.Oct (Sat)-23.Nov . 2015


venue:PARAHOTEL   Vacant building of Hotel SHIROIYA

2-2-15 Honcho Maebashi city Gunma, Japan


Open hour:13:00-20:00  free entrance

29.Nov (Sun) 2015

Art&Breakfast Day in Tenjin-yama



Host and Venue: Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio 


Breakfast hour: 10:00-12:00

Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio is hosting Art & Breakfast Day once a month for presentaions and events of visiting artists.


Please contact to  Sapporo Tenjin-yama Art Studio for more details.

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