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Art & Breakfast Day KUNSTHAUS, Wiesbaden

Open Studio of Midori Mitamura at KUNSTHAUS, Wiesbaden.

Artist in Residence for the exhibition  at Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal.

Midori Mitamura is now staying at Kunsthaus for a 4-month artist in residence program of Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal.
As a starter of the program, Midori opens the studio to visitors over breakfast.

Midori Mitamura

     Kunstverein Bellevue - Saal

Venue: Midori Mitamura's studio, Kunstahus Wiesbaden

            Schulberg 10, 65183 Wiesbaden

Breakfast Hours: 10:00-12:00
Open Studio: 10:00-17:00
Booking: No need
First come, first served

Admission: Free


“Art & Breakfast” is an ongoing site-specific project that I produce, whilst staying in an art space.
My awareness gained from traveling the world is transformed into diverse presentations to explore common understanding of human life beyond cultural differences and any border.
The project begins each morning over breakfast together with visitors in the space.
I make local breakfast for visitors. What we eat for breakfast, particularly reflects our culture and tradition.
The aim of this event is to get people closer to art through intimate personal connections using breakfast as a catalyst. Meeting and getting to know people over breakfast is an intimate experience.

The project has previously taken place since 2006 in Stockholm, Tokyo, Berlin, Melbourne, Vienna, Belfast and Nagoya.
I come up with ideas on journeys where I encounter people’s lives in different countries and histories.
Interpersonal communication with local visitors gives me important awareness concerning the society, histories and various issues. Responding to that awareness, everyday I create a series of improvised small installations using materials I found around town. The fieldworks reflect various social issues in our life and environment through my point of view. And then a spatial installation and ordinary objects will start speaking narrative stories. The objects I arrange in the space will exist like picture book illustrations and allow visitors to imagine a story for each item. My artworks, thus, try to share with people awkward and endearing emotions that can be familiar for anyone through the everyday details of life. This presentation framework makes for an intimate exchange, whereby atmosphere, open-ended possible narratives and a kind of everyday mise-en-scene are built and shared between artist and visitor.

Expanding from previous projects, I launched "Art & Breakfast Day" in 2014.
Each art studio and space all over the world individually held breakfast events on the same day.
Artists and visitors share breakfast as well as art presentations and practices at various art scenes around the world beyond any borders. That brings fresh communication /connections that are not like usual art exhibitions, and prompt artists to do an experimental practice freely.
Artists and art scenes should be free from any confrontation, discrimination and confliction.
Art should be not only art pieces to look at, but also the place in which people are involved in our society.
I believe this project must help to realize what the presence of art will bring our life and society.

Midori Mitamura Exhibition 

Art & Breakfast Wiesbaden 

24.Nov - 18.Dec
Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal


Kunstverein Bellevue - Saal

Current Exhibition 



Jan Schmidt

Frankfurt / Main (Deutschland) 

Nol Hennissen

Berlin (Deutschland) 


1. September bis  2. Oktober 2016

Objektkunst, Zeichnung, 2016

Ausstellungseröffnung: Donnerstag, 1. September, 19.00 Uhr
Einführung: Dr. Anja Cherdron-Modig

Seit einigen Jahren ist ein von der Decke hängender und sich um sich selbst drehender Akkuschrauber Jan Schmidts bevorzugtes Zeichenwerkzeug. Ergebnisse dieses Hantierens mit dem „falschen“ Gerät zeigt die Ausstellung „Drehen und Wenden“ von Nol Hennissen und Jan Schmidt im Bellevue-Saal Wiesbaden.

Die Rollen sind klar verteilt: Nol Hennissen bespielt mit einer vor Ort entstehenden Plastik aus biegbarem Material den gesamten Raum. Eine Linie, die durch Verdrehung auf Spannung gebracht wird, erobert den Raum und begibt sich zurück zu ihrem Ausgangspunkt. Die Wände gehören ganz Jan Schmidts Akkuschrauberzeichnungen.


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