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Till We Meet Again

Midori Mitamura 三田村光土里


The title "Till We Meet Again " is a famous American pop song expressing the feeling of lovers who were apart from each other during the First World War. It was written and composed by Richard A. Whiting and Raymond B.Egan, and released in 1918.
After the original sung by Henry Burr and Albert Campbell, the song was covered by Margaret Whiting (a daughter of Richard A. Whiting), Patti Page, Doris Day and many other well known singers.

For this artwork, I connect in my mind the title "Till We Meet Again" with meeting my good friends overseas again.

For three months, from July to September in 2013, I was in Europe for exhibitions in Vienna and Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, I also traveled to Austria, Italy and Germany to meet friends again.

The lives of my friends are changing slowly but after not meeting for a long time, it seems a lot.
Passing the halfway point of my life, I am looking back fondly on my past and wondering 
"When will be the next time to meet them again?";
"Can I visit there again?",
regarding what may happen in the rest of my life.
I am also getting sentimental about meetings with new friends that cause similar separations.

To meet again people living far away was another big purpose of this trip.
While photography and films are my preferred ways to express stories inspired from memories and records, conversations and sounds are this time the most important media.

Listening to recorded voices and sounds brings back the past into my body and these images appear with a vividness that is different to photography.

On the other hand, I filmed faint tremors by the wind or slight movements of humans and things that don't usually come into sight because those make me realise "I am alive" .

After coming back from this latest trip, I am still thinking about my friends' everyday lives, which continue their path far away across the sea, while also minding quietly those of my family and friends in Japan.

This natural awareness is something that can be experienced by anyone who is ageing. 
"Till We Meet Again" is, then, a work which expresses something present in all our lives.




タイトルの"Till We Meet Again"は1918年に Richard A. Whiting(曲)と Raymond B.Egan(詩)によって作曲されたアメリカのポップソングで、第一次大戦時に離ればなれになった兵士とその恋人の心中を歌った名曲です。
Henry Burr and Albert Campbell が歌ったその後も、作曲したWhitingの娘のMargaret Whiting、Patti Page やDoris Dayなど、数々の名シンガーにカバーされて来ました。

この作品では、海の向こうの親しい友人たちとの再会を題材に、近頃の旅での胸中を、この"Till We Meet Again"というタイトルに重ねました。


旅が終わって日常に戻った今も、海の向こうで友人たちのそれぞれの人生が、日々、刻まれていることに思いを馳せ、そして改めて、自国の友人や家族にも静かに思いを巡らせています。そのような、誰しもが歳をとることによって生まれて来るであろう、あたりまえの自然な「気づき」に自分と人々の人生への思いを乗せて、この"Till We Meet Again"を制作しました。


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